Water Cooler Servicing - We are specialists in installing coolers both plumbed and bottled we also undertake sanitations & cleaning coolers

The contract covers the following two aspects:
Maintenance and cleaning.
Every half year out of hygienic consideration, Natural Welsh Water services and cleans your water cooler (optional quarterly) and replaces the filter. Servicing of the water cooler includes: cleaning, demineralizing, elimination of bacteria from all those parts (reservoir and taps) which come into contact with the drinking water. This servicing process delays the growth of new bacteria. The coolers with a large capacity are pressure coolers and these require a more extended cleaning process. In addition, coolers with a hot tank must be descaled

Warranty and replacement service.
When there is a defect within the contract period
(subject to the type of cooler) Natural welsh water will as soon as possible, and no more than 3 working days from your call, repair the cooler. In the case where the mechanic is unable to repair the cooler on location, a replacement cooler will be installed free of charge for the duration of the repair.

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