Started early in 2006, Natural Welsh Water is a family-owned firm passionately driven by our MD Mike Webb who believes that everyone has the right to drink delicious, pure and natural water that’s free from chemicals and unpleasant tastes and odours. We serve local businesses Schools, Gyms and homes  across the UK – and even supply the iconic Topshop store on Oxford Street.

We belive in good old fashioned services and that the customer is king

We offer both Plumbed In or Bottled Water Coolers, in either table-top and freestanding dispenser styles, and all of our products are supplied with free delivery and a dedicated service office open from 8.30am to 6.00pm, Monday to Friday. For a limited time you can even try before you buy with a
free 14 day trial, including a Cooler, 18.5 litre bottle of pure water and 100 cups. So what’s stopping you? Avoid chemicals and chlorine – treat yourself to refreshment without compromise.

So, whether you’re looking for an affordable alternative to tap water, an environmentally-friendly solution, or a
package to suit your pocket, contact us now and we’d be delighted to find the perfect answer for you.

"Natural Welsh Water: the natural choice for the best and most flexible Water Cooler service"
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